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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to training and teaching the art of Aikido in the Hilo area and spreading this Way of Harmony worldwide.

Everyone can benefit from training in Aikido. The teachings of non-violence and harmony which we promote can help any person improve. Young, old and in between; male or female; timid to fierce; athlete to couch potato. If you have an injury of physical limitations, we'll encourage you to do only as much as you're ready for ans then develop further.
We offer classes for youth from age 8, teens, adults and senior citizens.


For Adults
  • More self-confidence & empowerment
  • Better flexibility and balance
  • Greater endurance & coordination
  • Stimulates nerves and circulation
  • Relieves stress, promotes relaxation
  • Develops self-discipline & awareness
  • Develops major muscle & core strength
  • Boosts mental & physical energy
  • Empowers the spirit
For Children
  • Self-defense & security
  • Coordination of mind and body
  • Getting along with others
  • Discipline and order
  • Awareness, focus & concentration
  • Confidence and self-respect
  • Respect for others
  • Ability to stay on task
  • Physical & mental development
The aikido teachings of harmony, mutual respect and universal love help every practitioner to get along better and gain a greater understanding of others.
While we offer separate classes for different age groups, aikido is an excellent family activity which can benefit the family group as well as each individual.
"There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit - LOVE."

-Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei

Aikido Founder

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Aikido Founder and the
Principles of Aikido
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We are a non-profit educational organization, serving the East Hawaii community since 1980.  Our Chief Instructor is Robert Klein. You can learn more about him at this page, titled Sensei. Senior dojo members also provide instruction.
Our mission is to help everyone to learn about Aikido through personal experience.  You are invited to come to the dojo (training hall) and participate in class. You're also welcome to watch class before deciding to train.  Sensei and senior students are always happy to answer any questions you might have about our dojo and about Aikido.
Click here for the Schedule of Regular Weekly Classes
Since our beginning, we have transmitted the teachings of Aikido to more than a thousand individuals, young and old. Dozens of members have achieved a black belt rank, recognized by the Aikido World Headquarters in Japan. Many more, with years of training, have developed the inner calm, security and confidence which characterize those adept in the art of Aikido. All have improved their physical abilities through practice.
Our dojo sponsors multiple seminars each year with guests sensei from many other places. These events connect members with senior instructors and with visiting participants from Japan, the U.S. mainland, Europe, etc. as well as many other Hawaii dojos.
It's time to receive all the benefits of aikido training. Improve your physical, mental and emotional state and integrate these factors together to empower your spirit. Commit yourself to the hard work and enjoyment of training to become so much better.
Just show up at the dojo, 15 minutes before class, to sign up and begin your membership. The link here provides more (optional) advance information if you want it.
COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS- We continue to recommend that all members be fully vaccinated and boosted, maintaining the greatest safety for themselves and others.
Mask wearing is now optional but we still urge caution, good sense and sanitation.

Support our Dojo at no cost to you. Aikido of Hilo receives a donation whenever you shop online!

Support Aikido of Hilo
We are a federally recognized non-profit educational organization.
All our instructors and assistants volunteer their time.
Membership dues go directly to support and maintain our facility.
Additional donations help us improve and help more people.
We participate in two programs which pay us when you shop online.
We also accept direct (tax-deductible) donations.
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