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Fall Seminar 2017

John Stevens Shihan, 7th Dan, studied for may years under Rinjiro Shirata,

one of the founder's earliest and closest disciples.

Living in Japan for four decades, Stevens Shihan taught Buddhism and philosophy at a university in Sendai.

He has authored over thirty books on many aspects of aikido and on other budo related topics

including Zen, Calligraphy, Buddhism, Tantra, Sword, Archery, Judo, etc.

He has also served as translator a number of books written by members of the Ueshiba family.

With his special academic background and his wealth of aikido training, Stevens Sensei has a unique ability
to convey the philosophical and spiritual meaning behind our practice.


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Register at the door for this seminar.

Seminar fee will be by donation only.

(the picture below is from our 2010 seminar)


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