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Qigong (pronounced chee-guhng) is a unique ancient Chinese exercise and healing system. Qigong allows you to enhance health and prevent illness by aligning the mind and body with qi.

Qi (pronounced ki in Japanese) is the vital energy or life force
found within the body and throughout nature.

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This class is taught by Barbara Klein, Qigong Instructor and Aikido of Hilo's Chief Instructor.

She should be addressed as Sensei.


Class meets each Sunday at 10:00am HST.

This class is offered via Zoom so you can attend from anywhere with internet access.

This class is open to all. You do not have to be a dojo member to participate.

Class fee is by donation. Suggested donation is $15/class.

Qigong class is included with regular  monthly membership for aikido students.

This hour long class includes various qigong forms that help relax body and mind and

help qi flow through the meridian pathways for better health and wellness.

Movement is coordinated with slow deep breathing to relieve stress and calm the emotions.

Exercises can be done standing or seated and are appropriate for
all levels of learning and physical ability.

Class may also include some self-acupressure instruction.

To sign up for Qigong Class, send an e-mail


with your request to participate.

We will contact you with additional details
and a Zoom link to join class.

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